Final 3 in my 30 for 30 series.

I did it. Finished a photography project. Much satisfaction.

It’s been an interesting month, I feel as though a lot of ideas and thoughts have become clearer for me. I’m not about to go into an in depth analysis right now though. I’ll leave it and let some distance grow between it and me. Clearer picture like.





Half of 30 is 15

Photos 13, 14 and 15 reporting for duty.

I’m really enjoying experimenting with my flash more than anything, number 13 took ages to get right because I was looking for some highlights in the hair but I’m still just using a camera mounted flash. I think I need to get a remote guy.

13No flash, feeling sick, big red eyes. 14 Sometimes I feel like I’m too serious, sometimes I feel like I lack any substance. I try not to be frivolous.15See the rest of the portraits here.

Interesting things are happening in my world, I’m in the middle of a course from Braid Creative and I’m finding out some fascinating things through them. I’m also trying to not be sick and snotty.

Thanks for looking,

If I was consistent I’d be magic. Maybe. Or, 6 more portraits.

I said I’d post in threes.

I didn’t.

Here’s 6 more.

7I like how my nail varnish matched my Doc stitches 8 Or, get this camera out of my face. I’m sick of it.9If I don’t ask, I don’t get answers. So often, the answer is exactly what I wanted to hear. 10 what I am is a designer, a logical thinker, worthwhile… (feeling inadequate at the market)11 A bit of sickness after a busy weekend.12See you in three days for the next installment – I’m hunting for some consistency…

See the rest of the portraits here.
Words from my morning pages.

// New project

I’m part of an experiment. No, not a medical one, a social one. It’s called The 9 Experiment. I got in about a week ago. There are exactly 9 challenges to complete within a year and the sole aim of the experiment is do good things, big things.1_30

I’ll talk about all of them as I go along, but this is #6 complete a personal project. My project is taking a self portrait a day for a month. This month in particular. According to this page, my Saturn return is happening this month. Although I’ve sort of felt it over the last few months I think things are starting to ramp up significantly this month and I wanted to document it somehow. So I’ve turned to my trusty camera and here we go.2/30

The text on each photo is taken from my morning pages of that day, which I’ve happily restarted again. I can feel the difference again already, my mind feels freer somehow.
3/30I figure, there are 30 days in November and 3 is a great number so I’ll post them in threes. Just 9 more to go after today. I’ve never finished a photo project before, let this be the first!


Castlepalooza Music Festival

A portrait an hour? At work? I’m not really sure how in denial I was when I posted that last blog but there was never a hope of me managing that, and I think deep down, I knew it.

That day was my first day as manager of a 33 teacher school with 50+ classes every day. I thought it would be hard going but I had no idea it would be this busy… So ok, there probably won’t be any other posts this month but I have all these lovely photos that I really want to share with you and they’re here and they’re ready and so so lovely.

They’re part of my first outing with my fellow Noisy Pixels pal Maria, we went to Charleville Castle to the Castlepalooza Festival. It was amazing – we camped behind the castle while the main stage was directly in front of the castle doors. We were literally five minutes stroll from the main stage. The vibe was just amazing.

// Our tent bottom left, castle turret straight ahead. Yes.

Castlepalooza 2013-31// The castle on the Sunday evening.

Castlepalooza 2013-35// The gorgeous Liza Flume

Castlepalooza 2013-1// Princess, drummer for The Notas

Castlepalooza 2013-7// Come on Live Long clapping it out

Castlepalooza 2013-16// Daithí giving it socks at a great show

Castlepalooza 2013-22// This was where we parked our car,

Castlepalooza 2013-25The super-show making Meltybrains?

Castlepalooza 2013-30It was such a great weekend full of great people and fantastic music. Next up is Electric Picnic, hopefully we’ll have just as good a time there too! You can check out all our photos over here on our Flickr.

Clicking on the artists’ names will take you their Soundclouds, give them a listen a let me know what you think.


Facemelting Music

Facemelter-SyllianRayle (4 of 7)

I’m now the official photographer for Facemelter Music, how exciting! Aaron and his crew have been working on this project for a fair while now and things are really starting to pick up speed. Aaron now writes for U&I Music and will be reviewing one band/gig every month and I get to take the photos!

At the moment, the camera I’m using is not great at low light levels, and because most of these gigs are on the grunge to metal end of things there generally isn’t much light going on at the venues. This means I end up using flash if I want to get any detail at all so I then I  convert them to black and white. I like it though. For ages I didn’t want to take photos in those venues – black walls, black ceilings, dark photos. I couldn’t get enough light or the right light to get even one good shot. But now that I’ve figured out a way around it I’m really happy with the results.

If you want to read the super review, it’s here, and you can see the rest of the photos from that night here.

Facemelter-Marabou (1 of 5) Facemelter-SyllianRayle (3 of 7)I’m looking forward to the next assignment already!