Final 3 in my 30 for 30 series.

I did it. Finished a photography project. Much satisfaction.

It’s been an interesting month, I feel as though a lot of ideas and thoughts have become clearer for me. I’m not about to go into an in depth analysis right now though. I’ll leave it and let some distance grow between it and me. Clearer picture like.





Half of 30 is 15

Photos 13, 14 and 15 reporting for duty.

I’m really enjoying experimenting with my flash more than anything, number 13 took ages to get right because I was looking for some highlights in the hair but I’m still just using a camera mounted flash. I think I need to get a remote guy.

13No flash, feeling sick, big red eyes. 14 Sometimes I feel like I’m too serious, sometimes I feel like I lack any substance. I try not to be frivolous.15See the rest of the portraits here.

Interesting things are happening in my world, I’m in the middle of a course from Braid Creative and I’m finding out some fascinating things through them. I’m also trying to not be sick and snotty.

Thanks for looking,

If I was consistent I’d be magic. Maybe. Or, 6 more portraits.

I said I’d post in threes.

I didn’t.

Here’s 6 more.

7I like how my nail varnish matched my Doc stitches 8 Or, get this camera out of my face. I’m sick of it.9If I don’t ask, I don’t get answers. So often, the answer is exactly what I wanted to hear. 10 what I am is a designer, a logical thinker, worthwhile… (feeling inadequate at the market)11 A bit of sickness after a busy weekend.12See you in three days for the next installment – I’m hunting for some consistency…

See the rest of the portraits here.
Words from my morning pages.

// New project

I’m part of an experiment. No, not a medical one, a social one. It’s called The 9 Experiment. I got in about a week ago. There are exactly 9 challenges to complete within a year and the sole aim of the experiment is do good things, big things.1_30

I’ll talk about all of them as I go along, but this is #6 complete a personal project. My project is taking a self portrait a day for a month. This month in particular. According to this page, my Saturn return is happening this month. Although I’ve sort of felt it over the last few months I think things are starting to ramp up significantly this month and I wanted to document it somehow. So I’ve turned to my trusty camera and here we go.2/30

The text on each photo is taken from my morning pages of that day, which I’ve happily restarted again. I can feel the difference again already, my mind feels freer somehow.
3/30I figure, there are 30 days in November and 3 is a great number so I’ll post them in threes. Just 9 more to go after today. I’ve never finished a photo project before, let this be the first!


Sunday snaps

Yesterday was supposed to be photo an hour day. I started well enough but then totally forgot. So I’ve rethought it for July and hopefully this week I’m going to do a portrait an hour for a day instead. Let’s see how it goes, it might not work out they way it looks in my head but it should be interesting at least. I’ll be at work so I won’t have ages to spend on each shot either, it’ll have to be quick and painless for my sitters too. I’ll let you know how it goes, it’s fun to experiment!

It was lovely and sunny when I woke up yesterday, I had breakfast in the garden and noticed these guys. I’m pretty sure they’re called cottage lillies but I can’t find anything online that matches them. Whatever they are, they’re everywhere in my granny’s yard at home. Every summer the place is covered in them, and I love that they’re here too to give me a little bit of my granny and home in my new home.DSC_3273Of course it started to rain then… Heavy rain, Ireland in July rain. I put on my manual focus and tried to take some raindrop shots, I like this one. DSC_3283 We went to do a little shopping, trying to get our house ready for winter and no better time than summer. So we headed for the car park and I keep my manual focus on. I don’t think that family saw me snapping them, I imagine they were too busy watching little miss pink jacket.DSC_3297 And shopping for home meant spying my perfect camera bag and just having to buy it. Look at that yellow, just look at it! And it’s a perfect fit for my Haven camera bag and it’s YELLOW! I don’t worry that I’m becoming obsessed, I’ve already made peace with the fact that I am. I can’t just look once at anything yellow anymore and I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing, how can anyone have too much yellow in their life? DSC_3305See you soon with my weekday work portraits, hopefully.