Colour Theory

It’s starting to get Christmassy around here so I thought I’d find some interesting examples of red and green being used in a very non-Christmassy way.

Fotor1202170412Eurobus Designs // Koki Tanaka // Models (Pt I)

Please do yourself a favour and watch Koki Tanaka’s videoEverything is Everything – it’s an amazingly mesmerising video short showing faceless people doing everyday things, sometimes reimagining, often not.

I also kind of want the entire book of Eurobus designs, what an incredibly simple project. Excellent!


Colour theory

Yellow may be my favourite colour of all time, I can’t pass it by. Yellow always gets a second look from me. And teal is just one of those colours that can easily replace black in any wardrobe. Well, it’s doing it in mine at least…

I love the textures in these images – the panelling in the first one, the fog in the cityscape, the soft, soft gradient in the typography piece. They’re just so … soft! It’s getting wintery here, maybe I’m craving warm and soft.

Fotor0917105811shiny panelling // cityscape // treehouse // typography

Colour theory

It’s time I owned up to the fact that I’m a qualified interior designer who is afraid of colour. It’s not that I don’t truly and absolutely love colour, it’s just that I’m never really sure of how they work together. I’m afraid they won’t.

And it’s time I got over it. Starting today, I’m going to explore colour combinations and see how they hit me.

First up is pink and navy, all of these images have an ethereal quality that I absolutely love. They’re rich and inviting, dark and warm. Mmmmmmmmmm. Fotor0917104236Jellyfish // Bon Iver // Flower bath // Vegas // Double exposure