Firechild Finery

All the items in Firechild Finery’s shop were handpicked by the wonderful Mrs. Hanh.

All money raised through selling this finery goes to these guys:

1 – Supporting Project New HOPE – you can read all about it here, but believe me when I tell you, I have thought long and hard about being part of this project and I believe in it 100%, to my core. I am particularly committed to Mary’s House, where I spent 3 weeks in March 2012. Mary’s House is the brainchild of my dear friend Jen Flynn who wanted to provide a safe place for disadvantaged children to be well taken care of and receive an education in an atmosphere of acceptance and love. Giving It Back to Kids have helped Jen achieve this goal and I’m in there too!

2 – Supporting my dear friend Mrs. Hanh realise her dream of building a restaurant to support her family and the post-care youth of Quang Nam province, Viet Nam.

You can see everything on the Facebook page also.


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