If I was consistent I’d be magic. Maybe. Or, 6 more portraits.

I said I’d post in threes.

I didn’t.

Here’s 6 more.

7I like how my nail varnish matched my Doc stitches 8 Or, get this camera out of my face. I’m sick of it.9If I don’t ask, I don’t get answers. So often, the answer is exactly what I wanted to hear. 10 what I am is a designer, a logical thinker, worthwhile… (feeling inadequate at the market)11 A bit of sickness after a busy weekend.12See you in three days for the next installment – I’m hunting for some consistency…

See the rest of the portraits here.
Words from my morning pages.


Colour theory

Yellow may be my favourite colour of all time, I can’t pass it by. Yellow always gets a second look from me. And teal is just one of those colours that can easily replace black in any wardrobe. Well, it’s doing it in mine at least…

I love the textures in these images – the panelling in the first one, the fog in the cityscape, the soft, soft gradient in the typography piece. They’re just so … soft! It’s getting wintery here, maybe I’m craving warm and soft.

Fotor0917105811shiny panelling // cityscape // treehouse // typography

// New project

I’m part of an experiment. No, not a medical one, a social one. It’s called The 9 Experiment. I got in about a week ago. There are exactly 9 challenges to complete within a year and the sole aim of the experiment is do good things, big things.1_30

I’ll talk about all of them as I go along, but this is #6 complete a personal project. My project is taking a self portrait a day for a month. This month in particular. According to this page, my Saturn return is happening this month. Although I’ve sort of felt it over the last few months I think things are starting to ramp up significantly this month and I wanted to document it somehow. So I’ve turned to my trusty camera and here we go.2/30

The text on each photo is taken from my morning pages of that day, which I’ve happily restarted again. I can feel the difference again already, my mind feels freer somehow.
3/30I figure, there are 30 days in November and 3 is a great number so I’ll post them in threes. Just 9 more to go after today. I’ve never finished a photo project before, let this be the first!


// I went to Cuba



The summer was gruesome, gruelling and if I’m honest, great. I really enjoyed the ridiculous challenge of managing 35 teachers and in some weeks, 50 different classes a day. It was nuts and I’m really glad it’s all over while also delighted to have had the opportunity to test myself and push it.

After the dust settled and the long-term director came back, I headed off to Cuba with a pal. While there, I spent roughly 30 minutes on the internet and had about 4 and a half minutes of phonecalls – in total. It was amazing; the two weeks felt like two months and I was totally relaxed by the end of it. I read The War of Art and inhaled every word. We swam in the pelting rain in the warm salty sea. We rode horses through coffee and tobacco plantations. We inhaled the fumes of hundreds of decade old cars. We photographed the stars in the middle of the night. We ate rice and drank rum every single day.

It was heavenly.

And now I’m back and excited to be here. I’m on the cusp of 30, my saturn return is teaching me things I always knew in my heart and big things are ahead.

Colour theory

It’s time I owned up to the fact that I’m a qualified interior designer who is afraid of colour. It’s not that I don’t truly and absolutely love colour, it’s just that I’m never really sure of how they work together. I’m afraid they won’t.

And it’s time I got over it. Starting today, I’m going to explore colour combinations and see how they hit me.

First up is pink and navy, all of these images have an ethereal quality that I absolutely love. They’re rich and inviting, dark and warm. Mmmmmmmmmm. Fotor0917104236Jellyfish // Bon Iver // Flower bath // Vegas // Double exposure

Brick by brick, she watches them build it with bated breath.

She’s changing the world, her world and so many lives. It’s incredible to think that one person can instigate so much change with so little resources. But she’s doing it, my amazing friend Mrs Hanh. Managing the entire build from day one to the grand opening This restaurant will play witness to so many gorgeous weddings and change so many beautiful lives.

Mrs Hanh's Restaurant 3DI feel so privileged to be a small part of it this project. In the background I’m helping to raise capital, and there, I’m going to do the only thing I know how to. I’m going to be there in January to document the opening of the restaurant and the first few weeks as it takes on the life it’s about to have. It’s a story that the world needs to hear, and see.

The story so far:

She spent years struggling, and then she found her dream job; cooking for the people who cared about the children she cared about. She’s always cared about the orphans in her province. She came so close to being an orphan herself, she knows what it’s like to really struggle. So she’s building this restaurant to fulfil her passion for cooking and to mix that with her need to help people, in particular the children who’s lives will go nowhere unless someone steps in and sees them succeed. Children who already know her, who already have received more love from her than any other person in their lives.


Kiem, Mrs Hanh, Anna, Thai and Thanh

The three boys in that photo are going to live with Mrs Hanh in the living quarters of the restaurant. They’ll go to school or university and they’ll also help Mrs Hanh in the restaurant in their free time.

It’s going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to be there to see it in real life.

Castlepalooza Music Festival

A portrait an hour? At work? I’m not really sure how in denial I was when I posted that last blog but there was never a hope of me managing that, and I think deep down, I knew it.

That day was my first day as manager of a 33 teacher school with 50+ classes every day. I thought it would be hard going but I had no idea it would be this busy… So ok, there probably won’t be any other posts this month but I have all these lovely photos that I really want to share with you and they’re here and they’re ready and so so lovely.

They’re part of my first outing with my fellow Noisy Pixels pal Maria, we went to Charleville Castle to the Castlepalooza Festival. It was amazing – we camped behind the castle while the main stage was directly in front of the castle doors. We were literally five minutes stroll from the main stage. The vibe was just amazing.

// Our tent bottom left, castle turret straight ahead. Yes.

Castlepalooza 2013-31// The castle on the Sunday evening.

Castlepalooza 2013-35// The gorgeous Liza Flume

Castlepalooza 2013-1// Princess, drummer for The Notas

Castlepalooza 2013-7// Come on Live Long clapping it out

Castlepalooza 2013-16// Daithí giving it socks at a great show

Castlepalooza 2013-22// This was where we parked our car,

Castlepalooza 2013-25The super-show making Meltybrains?

Castlepalooza 2013-30It was such a great weekend full of great people and fantastic music. Next up is Electric Picnic, hopefully we’ll have just as good a time there too! You can check out all our photos over here on our Flickr.

Clicking on the artists’ names will take you their Soundclouds, give them a listen a let me know what you think.


Sunday snaps

Yesterday was supposed to be photo an hour day. I started well enough but then totally forgot. So I’ve rethought it for July and hopefully this week I’m going to do a portrait an hour for a day instead. Let’s see how it goes, it might not work out they way it looks in my head but it should be interesting at least. I’ll be at work so I won’t have ages to spend on each shot either, it’ll have to be quick and painless for my sitters too. I’ll let you know how it goes, it’s fun to experiment!

It was lovely and sunny when I woke up yesterday, I had breakfast in the garden and noticed these guys. I’m pretty sure they’re called cottage lillies but I can’t find anything online that matches them. Whatever they are, they’re everywhere in my granny’s yard at home. Every summer the place is covered in them, and I love that they’re here too to give me a little bit of my granny and home in my new home.DSC_3273Of course it started to rain then… Heavy rain, Ireland in July rain. I put on my manual focus and tried to take some raindrop shots, I like this one. DSC_3283 We went to do a little shopping, trying to get our house ready for winter and no better time than summer. So we headed for the car park and I keep my manual focus on. I don’t think that family saw me snapping them, I imagine they were too busy watching little miss pink jacket.DSC_3297 And shopping for home meant spying my perfect camera bag and just having to buy it. Look at that yellow, just look at it! And it’s a perfect fit for my Haven camera bag and it’s YELLOW! I don’t worry that I’m becoming obsessed, I’ve already made peace with the fact that I am. I can’t just look once at anything yellow anymore and I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing, how can anyone have too much yellow in their life? DSC_3305See you soon with my weekday work portraits, hopefully.