4th of July Photos

Last week Moe played a gig at a 4th of July show in Fibber’s. Alice in Chains and Metallica tribute bands for a  bit of that all American feeling.


I don’t really know the Metallica tribute that well and I didn’t really feel comfortable shooting them but I took a few shots of Angry Chair (AIC tribute) and was pretty pleased with the results. I used my new 11-16mm for most of the shots and also my flash. This made the camera ridiculously heavy and embarassingly enough, the flash actually fell off the camera while I was clapping at one point…Embarrassing and also very effing scary. But it all worked fine the rest of the show so hopefully that’s the end of it.

I shot with the flash with the intention of black and white finished products. I had only two small problems, the 11-16 can still be a bit soft sometimes because of the lack of auto-focus with my camera. So even though I have it set to focus on infinity, it seems if I get too close some of the shot gets a bit blurry. I also couldn’t frame the photos very well, so I was sort of shooting blindly sometimes. There was very little light off stage and no auto-focus = no little light to show you where you’re going. But I’ll figure it out. Or get a new camera body…


At last, a drummer shot I actually like!


I hope you like them, thanks for looking! You can click over to my Flickr account through any of the pictures if you fancy.


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