why I love ‘Call me maybe’

I’ll admit, I wasn’t even slightly aware of who Carly Rae Jepsen was until this video made its way into my facebook feed via the gorgeous goddess Sassmouth Mama. I think I watched it five times straightaway and several times over that weekend. It was just so much fun to watch, I was hooked.

My awareness was then fully RAISED! I kept remembering seeing “call me maybe” around and finally realising what the hell they were all on about. I watched a few videos of US soldiers and this choral one. I just love how it seems to have captured so many imaginations. It’s just so damn catchy, there’s no escaping it.

Then this little gem appeared:

And just last week Moe put this one on (he’s currently a little obsessed with Eric of ‘..meets metal’)

I love his smile, he’s just such a happy guy twiddling away on his guitar!

And if you’re interested in the academics of Carly Rae check this article out >>
The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Appreciating Carly Rae Jepsen For Dummies Maybe

It just keeps on giving.




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