February Fancies

I’ve got my eye on some lovely things this month and I want to share them with you.


1. If you’re in Dublin, Astronomy Ireland is hosting telescope nights every suitable Friday night during Irish winter time. I’m hoping to go sometime soon, I love the stars…

2. Bento! As my diet is becoming more important than ever, I want to focus on making my lunch special and this box looks amazing! I can’t just look once at anything yellow, ever.

3. My ears are stretched to 6mm now. I was surprised how easy the last stretch was. I’m thinking of getting these in 9mm so they’re here for when I get that far. Beautiful craftsmanship and they’re super super cute.

4. Ercol. This studio couch just speaks to me. I’ll be honest, the fabric doesn’t give me the flutters but the wooden part of the couch is just devine. 

5. Glasgow. We’re going to Glasgow on Feb. 15th and I’m really hoping to visit House for an Art Lover while we’re there. I love C.R. Mackintosh’s aesthetic and I’m looking forward to seeing his work in real life.


Got something to add? Tell me.

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